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  In 1986, IUCN-SSC established the China Plant Specialists Group (CPSG) which is one of the earliest IUCN experts groups in China. Its mission is to declare the values and publicize activities and policies of IUCN-SSC; to participate actively in the relevant researches, propagation and popularization of China plant diversity conservation and sustainable use; to promote the cooperation and exchange with other countries by disseminating the latest research development of plant diversity in China.

China Plant Specialist Group
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  Voluntary, professional, enthusiastic are the main characteristics of CPSG members. So far, the CPSG has invited 47 experts to join it, 43 of them from mainland and others from overseas. Most of them come from research institutions and universities, only a few members from government agencies and nature reserves and all of them are engaged in the biodiversity conservation.
  Through the platform of CPSG, they join together and use a variety of ways, such as science researches, education and publication, to publicize values of IUCN-SSC and promote the development of China plant conservation.

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